Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tough Guy Points

I went on a ride this morning with Cory, Alex, and Emily this morning. It was a little brisk (0 and a 10 mph WNW wind) when I headed out for Ada Hayden. I've learned to dress for it, so I didn't suffer too much. I met the others at the park.
Alex reinforces his shoe layer:

Emily on her sweet Salsa Dos Niner:

We briefly talked of gravel, but decided that an urban assault was more befitting of the conditions, and did an urban loop. At the end of the loop Emily and Alex wisely decided that they'd had enough for the day. Since Cory and I had no exposed skin, we decided to press on. But first we stopped to take pictures of our snotcicles.
Cory prepares his camera:

Me in all of my condensation glory:

It's not really snot, just condensation off the face mask. It was so cold today that it froze before it could drip off.
We rode back to Ada Hayden, where I figured we would go our separate ways. Cory had other ideas. Cory decided to ride home via my house (about 6 miles of gravel in the wrong direction). We pushed a little harder on the way to my house. It felt good. I even stayed with Cory on one of the big hills - that never happens. I got in 2 1/2 hours of riding today. It was a balmy 4 degrees when I got home.

I think I've finally got my winter wardrobe dialed-in. Today I wore:
  1. Feet - Pedro's wool socks under insulated ski socks under shoes, under Pearl Izumi booties. I also used a chemical foot warmer between sock layers. My feet were never cold.

  2. Legs - Pearl Izumi fleece tights under Team 14 bib shorts with full length Pearl Izumi fleece leg warmers over the tights. My legs were only chilly above the leg warmers.

  3. Core - DuoFold base layer under Team 14 jersey, which was under a Team 14 winter jacket. My water bottle was carried in a jersey pocket under the winter jacket. It stayed unfrozen all day. It was still warm after 2 hours.

  4. Arms. DuoFold base layer under Pearl Izumi arm warmers, under Team 14 winter jacket.

  5. Hands - Marmott ski gloves. This layer was lacking. I think I need mittens for this level of cold. With the wind I was ok, but against the wind my fingers got a little numb.

  6. Head/Face - OutdoorResearch Gorilla balaclava and some old ski goggles. The balaclava rocks! My face was never cold. It holds so much heat that I've learned I can't wear it with sunglasses because they just fog up. I wore some old ski goggles that I had laying around, but they suck. I've got to get some Oakleys.
I was surprisingly comfy. There, that's my answer to "How can you ride a bike in this kind of weather?" Go ride your bike!!!

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gjc said...

YOu folks definitely got some tough guy points. Good job, boys and girls.