Saturday, November 24, 2007

JingleCross Bound

Christy and I are packing up the truck for two days of JingleCross! No racing for me this time. I'll be sitting on the hill with a cold one, cheering and jeering. That reminds me I need to get beer, cookies, and dirty singles on the way out of town.

This is gonna be great!

If I can get an Internet connection, maybe I'll post a few pictures tonight. And then again, maybe I won't. I've heard rumors of a few parties.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beer Money

I got this video from a reliable source. Apparently Hansen and Moritz have gone to extremes to earn a little beer money this holiday season. Enjoy!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Back in the Saddle

I rode a bike for the first time in nearly 3 weeks! OK, it was only up the driveway and down the gravel for 100 yards or so, but it was riding.

It was just too nice a day to let it pass. A ride report? It hurt a little, and I did some of it was one handed (like most things I do these days). But now I have that first one out of the way. The next one will be a little easier, and hurt a little less.

But don't worry, I'm gonna take it slow.

During my recovery, more than once I've thought of Tyler Hamilton, who broke his collar bone in a crash during the finishing sprint on the first stage of the 2003 Tour de France. He not only rode on to finish the Tour, but won a stage doing it! That's gotta hurt!

And I can barely ride my bikw up the driveway.

You can read Tyler's account of the 2003 Tour here. It's a pretty good read.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quiet Time

There has been a minimum of posting lately because, well, this is a biking blog and well, I can't ride a bike right now. I'm actually enjoying the forced time off the bike, and am healing well. I can tell that the bones have bridged together, I've stopped wearing the sling, and and I'm back to a realtively normal life (except for not riding a bike).

I've thought about getting on a trainer, but there will be plently of time for that later. For now I'll just enjoy my time off.

Monday, November 05, 2007

MOB Racing

Regular readers will remember that my current team is disbanding at the end of the season. At the Boone 24 several of us had a powwow about how we could keep the team going.

From that discussion, MOB Racing was born.

MOB Racing is a low-key, dirt ridin', and fun luvin' race team. Although we are focused on the dirt, we do a little bit of everything. We are also open to new members. If you think this sounds like your kind of fun, let me know.

Friday, November 02, 2007

like we didn't already know this . . .

They could have just asked amountain biker . . .

It's Better To Drink Beer After Exercise Than Water

Researchers at Granada University in Spain have come across a discovery that will undoubtedly please athletes and sports enthusiasts - a pint of beer post-workout or match is better at rehydrating the human body than water.

Professor Manuel Garzon, a member of Granada's medical faculty, made the finding after tests on 25 students over several months. Researchers believe that it is the sugars, salts, and bubbles in a beer that may help people absorb fluids more quickly.

The subjects in the study were asked to run on a treadmill at temperatures of 104F (40C) until they were close to exhaustion. Once they had reached the point of giving up, researchers measured their hydration levels, motor skills, and concentration ability.

Half of the subjects were given two half pints of Spanish lager to drink, and the other half were given just water.

Garzon said that the rehydration effection in those who were given beer was "slightly better" than those who were given only water. He also believes that the carbon dioxide in beer helps quench thirst more quickly, and that beer's carbohydrates replace calories lost during physical exertion.

The average person loses around 1 liter (33oz) of water for every hour of exercise in sweat. Rehydrating after a workout is crucial, as a lack of hydration is more likely to make one feel tired, fuzzyheaded, and suffer from headaches.

Based on the results of the study, researchers recommend moderate consumption of beer as a part of athletes' diets. "Moderate consumption" for men is 500ml per day, and for women is 250ml per day.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

another one

crap! i just got word that bruce reese's wife kristin broke her collarbone tonight at science center. and they've got triplet pre-schoolers. best of luck kristin! bruce and christy will have to form a broken collarbone supporters network.

speaking of support, i went looking on the internet for some idea of what to expect for broken collarbone recovery. this link is a long discussion thread of those suffering from a broken collar bone. it gives a pretty good idead of what to expect, what to ask for, and what to watch for.

like any internet advice, take it with a grain of salt. the only real bad advice i saw was taking advil or ibuprofen for pain. recent research has shown that these can impede the production of new bone, and because of this should not be taken for fractures.

also check out this post. apparently we're dropping like flies out there.


Thanks for all of the get well wishes, both through the blog and otherwise. It does help.

I've been dong a little reading in my spare time and I thinks I've got a plan to speed my recovery (not that I'm in a big hurry, but I want my arm back). The right nutrition, a little extra calcuim and vitamin D, and I'll be back to normal in no time.

And next time I talk the dog for a walk, I'll be on foot!