Thursday, August 07, 2008

Preride at Mob the 'quab

I went south tonight to pre-ride this weekend's mountain bike race course at Lake Ahquabi in Indianola. This race is being put on by teammate Bruce Brown, so I wanted to help however I could.

Race Director Bruce leads the way.

Followed by his Dentist, "Chainsaw Al". That is one cool knickname. And Al is a pretty cool guy.

This is the way like to roll - Having fun watching the other guys do the work.

Apparently its contagious.
I'm just kidding. Bruce has put in a ton of work to get this race to happen.

This is the best way to end a ride. This is what mountain biking is all about!

Boone Flat Tire Festival

I raced at the Boone Flat Tire Festival last weekend, or at least I tried to.

I was trying to pack "low key". What that really meant was that I neglected to pack a spare tube. Oops. At the staring line I was telling Kyle about my predicament, but that I was not worried, because I had never had a flat in a race . . . hisssss.

Holy Crap. I have come to realize that I have supernatural powers from time to time. I can predict one thing, and know that the opposite will come true in a short amount of time. But this was the shortest time that I remember between a boastful proclamation, and fate's inevitable smackdown. I swear, my tire started going flat as I was uttering the words.

At Kyle's urging, I followed the Expert start to my truck to fill my rear tire. I made it back in time for the Sport start. However, my tube would onlt last until halfway down the first decline. Good thing I had on my walking shoes!

BTW, this was my first ever DNF.

Now, some pictures.

There were a couple of friendly rodents at the race . . . a badger and a squirrel.

The Nebraska crew was well represented.

As was the Iowa City crew

Kyle puts on a great low-key race.

If Kyle was there, Taylor can't be far behind. Hey Taylor, "Nice Bike". She used to be mine.

Team mate Bruce Brown held up will in the heat, thorns, and other challenges.

Team mate Scotty looked much better at this race then he did the last time I saw him (RAGBY).

Shortly after I took this picture, I gave Greg a ride home. He didn't want to do it, but his tire wouldn't hold air either.

This guy should win some kind of Iorn Man award. He came though on the first lap riding on a flat rear tire. He finished the second lap with NO front tire. I don't get it. I really don't. Try riding a lap at Boone on just a rim some time. I REALLY don't get it.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.