Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Little Help

My son is in need of a new bike bike. I'm looking for a mountain bike, geared or not, in the 56-57mm top tube range. I'm not looking for a bike in good good condition, because he is going to use it to get back and forth to school, and it will sit outside in all kinds of conditions. I'm just looking for something serviceable. The ideal bike would be a Karate Monkey or 1X1 that has seen better days, but still has some rides left in it.

If you've got something like this tucked in the back of your garage, drop me a line at pcvarnum at varnum dot com, and we'll work someting out.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Something to Write About

After a few uneventful weeks of riding to work, I have something to report.

Like I said, most days are uneventful. I have a few challenging intersections (Grand and Lincolnway, 24th and Northwestern, Crossing US 69), but for the most part my commute is pretty uneventful. Most days, I'm surprised to see a car until I'm most of the way to work.

Today I decided to leave work early, and get in a little extra seat time. Good for me. I've been needing that lately. On the way home, on one of the most innocuous sections of the pavement, a Honda Ridgeline passed me. I remember it because I thought to myself, "Honda Ridgleline, I should get me one of those". After the Honda passed me, he pulled off on the right side of the road at a left turn in the road. That made me nervous. As I approached the left turn, he proceeded do a "U" tun right in front of me! WTF!

I had to lay the bike down to avoid hitting him. He stopped to see that I was OK, but when I said I was going to call he police, he said that he had other stuff to do, and could not be bothered to stick around to see how it turned out for me and my bike. Then he took off.

As it turns out, he ran over my bike, ruining the seat and the rear wheel. At the time I didn't realize that he had run over my bike. It wasn't until later when I was taking pictures that I saw how close a call I had.

Here you go:

Tire tracks across the seat and seat bag.


His u-turn tracks right in front of me.

My right knee.

Trashed seat.

Believe it or not, I rode this one home. It hurt!

Story County Deputy Caligiuri doing the CSI thing. He was very cool about everything.

BTW, he is rocking in Oakleys.

He did every thing he could to gather evidence.

Some single track on a different bike will fix my mood.

This perp will be paying a price. I've been told that he will be charged with "Leaving the scene", at a minimum. Other charges may be pending.

When I asked the deputy about recovering expenses for damages, he suggested small claims court. I don't care how much time it takes. I'll be doing that!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Camera Dump

Time for a camera dump. Like I said, I've been riding some, just not blogging about it.

When the weather and my schedule will allow it, I've been riding to work. Its about a 50 minute ride each way, and I try to stretch it out going home, so that I get 2-2 1/2 hours in.

Its pretty calm most mornings.

That's the way I like it. Cars over there, me over here.

Some time I take a detour, and hit up some single track on the way home. And sometimes I have company.

Single track on a fixie. It can be done, but it does increase the potential for having a "fixie moment".

I raced at Ingawanis a week ago. I sucked. A least it was dry.

Hansen rockin in the MOB kit at Ingawanis.

I also got a little boo-boo at Ingawanis.

I went to the Boone marathon race yesterday with the intention of racing, but it started to rain on the way over there. Boone mostly sucks when it's wet. They shortened up the course, and shortened up the time (2 hour and 4 hour class). twelve hearty folks line up at the start. I still left my bike in the truck. I didn't really feel like replacing my whole drive train again.

Quick, everybody hide your hands.

At the pre-race meeting, everyone was thinking, "This is gonna suck."

A few dirty pictures.

Everyone is a winner at Boone. Even Kyle and Robin's dog, Maddie,

What do you really think, Robin?

Bruce Resse eventually broke a chain that ended his day. He finished third in the 4 hour class.

David "Show me the Money" MacRunnel

My old Rig, now being abused by Taylor Webb. I kid. He's really pimped that thing out.

"You want me to do ANOTHER lap?" Mike Johnson took second place in the four hour class, and was nipping at Carney's heels for most of the race. He also gets the award for the bike that stayed the cleanest. He says Pledge is his secret weapon.

Taylor web does his best "Mark Spitz" impersonation. He won the 2 hour class.

And Andrew Carney won the 4 hour class by pounding out lap after lap. Colorado has agreed with him. He was riding strong! I'm afraid his winning days are over. He starts work at a real job in a week, and will be back to stuggling to find riding time like the rest of us.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Even My Wife . . .

This morning Christy said, "You really need to update your Blog!". When your wife tells you that you need to spend more time on the Internet, you know its getting bad.

OK. I get it. I think I'm back. I've been riding more, and racing some (if you can call what I do racing).

I went to Waverly last weekend. Great course. I sucked. That's what I get for falling out of shape.

Today I'm going to Boone for the 3/6 hour race with with OP. I haven't decided whether I'm doing the three hour race, or the six. I've only got about three Boone laps in me, so the three hour race would probably be the better choice.

We shall see.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Long Time No Blog

I admit it. Its been a while since my last post. I apologize. I've been sick/busy/otherwise occupied, but you don't want to hear about that.

Okay, on the sick part, after I got over the original sickness, I got down with the death virus. You know, the one where death would be an upgrade. I lived through it, but it sucked. It was like someone threw a switch on my gastrointestinal system, and told everything to find the nearest exit. It was a miserable couple of days, but I'm better now.

Tomorrow I'm off for the Waverly mountain bike race. I'm not expecting much. We'll let you know how it turns out,