Monday, July 02, 2007

Boone XC Race

I raced at Boone yesterday. Like I said, I haven't ridden there since last year's Boone 24, even though I consider it my home riding area. Pretty pathetic, huh? Due to the weather this season, most of my riding has been confined to gravel and/or pavement. Oh well.

So I showed up in time to BS, but not pre-ride. Two laps at Boone is enough to test my fitness. A pre-ride lap would do more to slow me down that it would to speed me up.

At one point before the race there was a group of central Iowa's MTB elite had gathered around my tailgate. I went to take a picture, and my camera battery was dead - Damn!

The race went as expected for me. I'm a fat old man on a bike, and Boone does not play to my strengths (what are my strengths again?). I'm not sure why I target this race, other than is is close to home, and is supposed to be my "home court" advantage.

The next two races on my schedule do play to my strengths - the Clear Lake road race (wheel sucking on flat ground), and the Iowa Games mountain bike race (its really a dirt road race). We shall see . . .


Carney said...

We need to start racing the Boone trail backwards from what is usually done...I've ridden it way to many times the regular way. Also, when ridden backwards, it flows way better and all the hills are easier.....try it strengths needed.

Paul Varnum said...

A couple of years ago they ran a two day stage race where one of the events was a time trial backwards on the course. I rode backwards for a lap last year to check it out.

Personally I didn't care for it after a lap, but I need to give it another chance. I remember how I felt after my first lap in the traditional directon. I didn't much care for that either.

Bruce Brown said...

I think Seven Oaks is one of those courses that no matter how many times you ride it, you need to do a pre-ride the week before the race to refresh your body's memory of just how much pain is involved during a lap. ;-)

Way to finish, Paul. You didn't get the luxury of taking a nap at home afterwards since you were headed to your family event. I got to go home and crash on the couch for an hour. I don't think I could speak a coherent sentence for about 24 hours following the race. I could think a coherent sentence, I just couldn't get it out of my mouth.

I think I've recovered from the effort now. And on the equipment side of things, my QR is very tight on the rear wheel to avoid that snafu again.

Hey, one question about those black team uniforms that Thad and Chris were wearing. I assume they are the Cyclocross gear, but my question is "how does a guy take a pee while wearing one of those outfits?".

Paul Varnum said...

Bruce, that's probably true about the pre-ride. Meant to do it - didn't get it done.

The incoherency is the sign of an over-the-top effort. I didn't get that after Sunday's race.

Yes, the black stuff is the 'cross gear. Cool stuff. I wouldn't want to wear it on the road in August, but it is great for 'cross. I've got some black gear, but it is the traditional bib shorts/jersey.

You lift the leg.