Sunday, December 10, 2006

MackyDu Race Report

OK, its not really a race report because I didn't race. I helped Cory put the race on, and took some pictures.

The prize table was second to none. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen more stuff on a swag table.

The race started with point-to-point-to-point run (pick your own route) of about 2 miles through McFarland Park. After that was a 22 mile gravel bike ride out the backside of McFarland (I was the turn around point at the end of the route). Finally, another point-to-point-to-point run to finish up the race.
Here are some of the riders coming in to the biking checkpoint:

Matt came into the biking checkpoint first.

Some more gravel goodness:

Matt and Bob Schliesman are leading the race at this point:
Bob finished the biking section in first place:
Bob held on to the lead to finish the race in first place:
This husband/wife team ran/biked the race together. She finished as the first female. He was the second male (sorry, I can't remember their names).

Everyone thought the alleycat format was fun, and had a good time. There was much talk of "Next year . . .".


the inebriationist said...

Nice pics. And thanks again for helping out.

One regret: not talking up the swag enough. I don't think people really knew what was year.

Enough money for at least 10 bikes, good in my book.

Paul Varnum said...

Good point. We forgot the cardinal rule, pimp to sponsors. They make it all possible. Blame it on first race jitters.

The whole thing went off without a hitch. Considering it was your first race, very impressive.

the inebriationist said...
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the inebriationist said...

BTW, I got curious about Bryan Schlotterback, so I googled him expecting an illustrious wrestling career judging by his build. What I found was more Dean Karnazes: numerous Marathons, some edging on the Ultra status and two Pikes Peak Marathon completions. Who knew a little event could draw such experience?