Saturday, October 28, 2006

Toot, Toot

Tonight was the IMBCS awards banquet.

I try not to blow my own horn, but I gotta do this:

I know it's just a piece of wood, but it represents a lot of work. Thanks to Christy and Keaton for all of their support, thanks to Thad and Team 14 for giving a fat old man a chance, and thanks to everybody involved with the IMBCS for putting on a great series.

As a bonus, Bruce Brown and I split the " most improved new racer" award. This award came out of the blue. I'm going to use the award money to buy raffle tickets for the 'cross bike that they are giving away at the cyclocross race in Newton tomorrow. That bike is all mine. I can feel it.

Oh, and I'm doing my first 'cross race tomorrow at Newton. I did a little barrier practice this afternoon in preparation for that. We'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

job well done Paul, Nick

Paul Varnum said...

And a "Job well done" to you on the +35 Sport title Nick. Glad you found your way to my humble abode. Stop in again. I'll be here all winter and will be trying to post a few rides. Come up for a ride if you get a chance.