Friday, April 11, 2008

Sylvan = Me No Go

I've decided to bail on Sylvan Island this weekend. I've been sick all week, and I can't even climb a set of stairs without going into a coughing fit. That is too bad because Sylvan Island has been one of my favorite courses on the IMBCS circuit. It is flat and technical. Both qualities that I like in a mountain bike course.

The weather does not look real good for the weekend. Something like rain/snow/windy/fair to partly crappy. Sylvan has been blessed with good weather for the past couple of years. Maybe this is their year for crappy weather.

I'll race in mud (but I won't like it), and I'll race when I'm sick (but I won't like it), but I really don't want to race in the mud while I'm getting down with the sickness.

This will probably be the epic race that everyone will talk about for years to come. I guess that is my lot in life.


Bruce Brown said...

Keep pampering yourself as you work through this nasty bug.

Dang, I was hoping the Sylan Islan thing would get the plug pulled on it with all the rain we've had. It still might if tomorrow is ugly as well.

The latest I read this evening states:


As of now the race is still a go! This Island can take alot of rain and we still have two and half days until the race. So right now we just need to say a little prayer to the rain gods and tell them to cut back on our rain totals.

A FINAL DECISION WILL BE MADE BY 1PM SATURDAY. Check back here for details!


Get better....

Paul Varnum said...


I saw that last night. Now this morning the QCFORC.ORG website has been replaced with a default Network Solutions website. Hmm. I wonder it they got snow in Davenport last night like we did?

We shall see.

Bruce Brown said...

Cam just posted on the IORCA Yahoo Group and the race is on. They are building "bridges" over some of the more damp spots in order for the race to take place.

You ought to come. It might blow some of that goodness out of your lungs and nose. ;-)

I did Ingawanis a three years ago in the Beginner category with a nasty cold. It snowed right after the beginner race and was happy to eat some hot chili and get in the car to drive home.

Paul Varnum said...


I saw that about the race tomorrow. I'm still out. I can't get any level of exertion without the accompanying hack fest. I don't know if anyone else is coming. I'm really trying hard to not track races/results at that level, but it is a struggle! A manager's natural inclination is to manage, but I am trying to resist the urge because I don't have that kind of time. I also don't think you guys need managing. As always, correct me if I am wrong.

Please feel free to post results/impressions/anything else to the team blog!

Was that the Ingwanis race where Dave Krenz stopped for a sandwich during the race, and everyone's feet went numb because of the creek crossing? I've heard stories, but that was before my time.

Bruce Brown said...

Drink your chicken soup and of course, pamper yourself with a beer or two since it is the weekend.

The creek crossing at Ingawanis was indeed a cold endeavor three years ago. We lucked out in the beginner race because the "bridge", i.e. 2 x 10 on top of some rocks and mud, was still in place during our race so you could pick your bike up and gingerly run/walk over the 2 x 10 one person at a time. I heard it later gave up the ghost which is what accounted for all the cold and numb feet in the sport and expert categories.

Then, of course, last year was the "hey, the race is on...come on over as the sun is shining in Waverly....everything is fine and dandy here...." which we all know led to everyone losing their brakes within the first 1/2 lap and weeks of maintenance just to get our bikes to stop squeaking. I still cannot figure out why I drove over there after looking at the radar of the Iowa weather map. It was pouring when I left the Des Moines area and I knew better. Oh well. C'est la vie. I think May 3rd/4th is still too early for a "northern" race in Iowa. They ought to do Ingawanis in July when warm weather finally arrives in Iowa.

My bottom bracket is already puckered up in anticipation for Sylvan Island mud and goop tomorrow....

I'll post a report and see if I can snag some pictures.