Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm Working on it!

I can't count the number of people that asked about my blog this weekend.

"Is everything OK?"
"Is there anything we can do?"
"Can we bring a covered dish to the wake?"

No, the blog is OK. I've got pictures from the Boone 24, and I will post them soon (although I expect most are dull and out of focus, 'cause that's how my weekend went). Big fun was had by all that attended.

There is some stuff going on, and that has to be at the top of my list right now. I'll keep you posted.


Paul said...

OP, I hope all is well. Sorry we didn't get to chat this weekend. Thanks for all of your work out there on Saturday.

Paul Varnum said...

Don't worry OP. All is well. Maybe even better than expected.

Regarding work this weekend, I've got the bruises to prove that I was out there. It's all good.

Carney said...

Thanks for those glasses. I just took them out and I don't think i'm a big enough pimp to pull them off, but perhaps if I do some welding in the near future. Either way, I think a night ride is in order sometime soon. ..

Bruce Brown said...

You could always just say that Charlie ate the mouse amd or keyboard. ;-)

Have you seen the YouTube video of the running start with your wife and Charlie in the picture? Very cool...


Paul Varnum said...

Carney -

You are hip enough to pull it off. If nothing else, put the clears in and run them at night. Yes, we whould do another night ride! Batteries are charges. Sounds like you've got some new NRs to break it.

Bruce - Yup, we saw the video. Christy sent it to all her friends and family. That's also my Allman Brother paying in the background.

Bruce Brown said...

I didn't even ask, but I assume you got the truck battery situation fixed after it ran down. Was that the Allman Brothers that drained the truck battery. ;-)

Paul Varnum said...

Bruce -

Yup, a jump was all it took, and yes the tunes took a toll. I started my truck and let it run a few time during the day to keep the battery charged, but later in the evening my attention to detail slipped a bit, and the truck battery suffered.