Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Ride with Keaton

Keaton and I went for a ride at Peterson's tonight. Keaton is going to to enter in the Iowa Games mountain bike race in a few weeks, and he wants to get a few rides in before the race.

He did a few stoppies in the parking lot to get warmed up.

"Hey Dad, watch this!"

Then we're off

I gets dark in the woods early this time of year.

A Kerkove inspired shot

And another Kerkove-esque shot. Check out the new Oakley Half Jackets with carbon fiber finish frames and Titamium CLear XLJ lenses. The lens tinting it perfect for woods riding. I also got the G30 lenses for early spring/late fall when there is less leaf cover, and clear lenses for night riding.

One final stoppie to finish the ride.

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