Thursday, September 07, 2006


I went out for a one-hour spin on Tuesday, and then tonight went out for 1-½ hours with a little more intensity (but nothing to rough). I am trying to taper to a secondary peak on Sunday for the Sycamore Time Trial, and then a major peak the next weekend at the Boone two-day stage race. I was surprised that early on today I was still feeling the effects of the weekend. Either that, or I just had dead legs from not riding much this week. Later in the ride I felt much better. I think I’m on track. Sometime next week I plan on riding the course at Boone backwards, because that is the traditional time trial event on Saturday. I have also heard talk of a short track race (in the infield), and a hill climb. We shall see. For now I am focused on the Time Trial at Sycamore.

Thanks to Cory for pictures of me from the Boone 24. One of them now resides in my header (minus a few vehicles in the infield).

On another note, on my ride Tuesday I was riding through the backside of McFarland, and was thinking about the course-cutting event of the past weekend. I came across a downed tree. Because it was at the bottom of a hill, and I was one the Rig (SS), I had to walk up the next hill. At the top of that hill was a bench (which I have previously gone by at Mach 1 hundreds of times). Because I was walking the Rig up the hill, I paused to read the plaque on the bench. The plaque said that an Eagle Scout erected the bench. That Eagle Scout was the same course-cutter at the Boone 24 this past weekend! Freaky.

I’ve always associated Eagle Scouts with people of integrity. People like Marion Barry, Donald Rumsfeld, L. Ron Hubbard, and Bill Gates. OK, never mind.

I still think there is more to the story. Inquiring minds want to know.


MTBidwell said...

He could have a "curiously" bad sense of direction??? Otherwise it is beyond my comprehension.
On another note- being a scout and a scout leader, today it is 100% easier to achieve your eagle than say 15-20 years ago JMO

Paul Varnum said...

No offense intended. I was a scout and scout leader also. I was just making a bad joke about a bad situation. Even if it is easier than it used to be, I've always associated eagle scouts with a high level of integrity and honesty.

Anonymous said...

none taken or perceived, you make a very good point :)