Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RAGBRAI Update Part 2

Here are some more of my favorite pictures from RAGBRAI.

Brother-in-law Bill and sister Kirsten posing with Abe. How cool is that?

Bill and Kirsten on the road. Note how they are working up a sweat keeping up with me.

This is what a typical pass though town looks like. Its more like a walk through town. As the week wore on I realized that side streets were the way to go if I didn't want to stop.

Not sure what this was about, but a local won a belly flop contest at a beer garden in the last pass through town. Apparently he is into a little S&M.

Someone thought it was funny that my gear bag exploded on the front yard of our host each night. They used my camera to show me how funny it was.

Good thing I brought rain glasses. I used them on Thursday.

This is what I felt like after riding into a headwind all day on Thursday.

The local entertainment in North Liberty. It was much cooler than it looks.

I caught Cousin Natalie cleaning her bike after the rain on Thursday. We had to have a talk about how bikes are happier when they are dirty.

Typical morning RAGBRAI traffic. It was maddening, and unending.

She had some nice really nice melons. The fruit was good also.

If you rode fast enough, this was the reward.

And then you run into guys like this. Too bad I couldn't hang on longer. I tried.

When was the last time you had coffee served to you by a trooper in uniform, without the requisite handcuffs? I did on Friday. He's a cousin of a cousin.

I'll do a day by day writeup sometime soon.


Natalie said...

Paul, road bikes like to be clean and sleek. Less wind resistance. A man who shaves his legs should understand that!

Paul Varnum said...


Welcome to my humble abode! Thanks for stopping by.

I may shave my legs, but in my heart I'm just a dirty mountain biker.

It was great to have the chance to hang out with you guys last week. We should do it again in about 51 weeks. Think about it.


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