Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RAGBRAI Update Part 1

No time for a lot of details. Suffice to say that I'm having a boatload of fun! Probably more fun that this 48 year old body can handle, but we'll work that out later. For now I feel great.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures to tide you over . . .

My Team Varnum crew.

This one is for Hansen. He's got some like minded folk out there.

RAGBRAI has everything, incuding a Vega Elvis.

I ran into Titties, and his little brother "A-Cup".

I was about 6:30 AM when Hansen came looking for a cold one.

I did the Hundy on Monday because of the Farrell brothers. They dragged my sorry ass up and down each one of those hundred hills.

I ran into Scott Sumpter, seriously messed up, with a seriously messed up koozie.

I kept teeling thses guys that it flattened out after Coon Rapids, due to glacial scouring. Did they believe me. Nope.

Jeff and Brian did a great job of keeping the Team Varnum bkes in shape.

On Tuesday, we started drinking beer in the first town (Grand Junction).

We stuck around for way longer than we should have.

Hooter girls were sevring beers as Fergy's. That prolly had somthing to do with it.

Later on I met up with Hansen, Kristen, and Rob on the Boone Hill. It was a blast.

It got a little rough on the hill.

It was about as close to L'Alpe d'Huez as you can get in Iowa.

Kristin is pretty cool.

I also met up with Bruce and Kristin on the hill.

Later we went to HyVee for food and drink

Write this one down. Hansen says "no" to a beer.

Thats all for now. Will write more later when I feel like it.


Wendy said...


Hey cuz! How in the hell are ya? I was suprised to find your blog but it's an enjoyable read. Maybe next year at the end of Ragbrai we can all get together here in Burlington and catch up being long lost cousins and all. Holler back at me and tell everyone I said "hi".wburton@thehawkeye.com

Wendy Paulson-> Plant-> Burton

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