Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Somethimg Different

Christy and I did something a little different last night. We went sailing with a friend of mine. I have not been sailing since I was 14 years old. He's been trying to get me out on his boat for a while, and last night the stars aligned.

Our Captain Mark:

He says he tries to get out on the water 3 times a week. That sure wouldn't leave much time for riding a bike.

We went out about 6 o'clock just as the south wind was starting to wane, and headed for the mile long bridge. As we got close to the bridge we saw the main pack of the Tuesday Night World Championships go over us on the bridge. Cool. I would've taken a picture If I was a little quicker. That's the difference between goodness and greatness.

After we got to the bridge we tacked back into the wind and watched the sun set.

Sometimes different is good.

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Carney said...

Now THAT looks like alot of fun...makes we want to get out the canoe!!