Monday, September 01, 2008

Boone 24

Another Boone 24 in the books. To read the official account check out the MOB Racing blog. Here are some "unofficial" photos.

Taylor looking tough

I teamed up with OP in the two man 12 hour race. We were in it to have fun. He had fun riding his bike. I had fun drinking beer and hanging out with my buds. I managed to get in a couple of laps. OP kept us respectable by doing 4.

The guys that put in eighteen laps didn't really care for the infield routing, but it was very spectator friendly. It took about six minutes to get through it. On the parade lap you could see the whole field all at once.

Our mascot made the trip again this year. She was looking a little worse for wear.

Maharry came out to join in the fun. He was dressed for changing the oil in my truck.

We were having fun by this point. We had lined the course on both sides of the MOB Racing camp, and the racer heckling was in full swing.

Christy came out for the fun! She acted as team Den Mother, and did a great job.

Here Christy puts herself in a dangerous position, between Kyle and Taylor. Kyle looks like he's about to experience Christy's "High Kick".

Someone got the bright idea to lay down on the couse and have racers bunny hop (bunny hope?) over them. Note that Kyle is lying face down this time. It didn't start out that way.

Next morning chilling in the Carney Camp. I swear Andrew gained weight during the race as much as he ate during each stop.

Even in the light of day there was no common sense. More bunny hopping nonsense.

Andy tells us how he's going to have fun next year.

Jubil and Matt tell Andy that you can have fun, and win. Go figure.

Only 363 days until the next Boone 24!


Carney said...

You callin me a fatty??

I think I could of cleared at least 3 people....

Paul Varnum said...


Am I calling you a fatty? Not in the least! I was just amazed at the quantity of pasta that you could put away between laps. Mere mortals would have been puking their guts out. Oh, wait . . . some of them were.

BTW, I didn't say it, but you and Andy were the best bunny hoppers by far. We woulda put a few more folks on the course, but we didn't want to affect the outcome of the race.

Kristin and Bruce said...

Good times Paul. My wife even enjoyed the course. She had never ridden the full boone course until her first lap at the race. Great photos by the way!