Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can you feel that?

Can you feel it? A rumbling? A tremor? There is is again.

What you feel is my camera rumbling because it is about to puke its guts out on my poor neglected blog. If been riding, and taking a few pics along the way. I just haven't had too much to say.

There is only so much you can write about rain of biblical proportions, cancelled races, devastated trail systems, and swampy gravel roads.

There was another one. Another tremor. Its coming. I can feel it.

1 comment:

Bruce Brown said...

I felt the rumble down here in Indianola!!!

I think we have a record here, Paul. It's been since May 18th that you made a Blog post. What's that, 5 1/2 weeks? Good time to climb out of your canoe...